Wednesday, January 19, 2011

lay lady lay...

at $4,900, i could buy a small used car or pick, well the bed of course!  insanity price but a 1970's insanity brass frame!
LOVE LOVE LOVE.  leather, chrome, glass...hotness.  $1,800, not so hotness.  the husband thinks he can get this made in LA for MUCH cheaper.  guess what his new project is going to be?
another HIGH price ($2,500) for this 1960's chrome headboard, oozing with style.
i've been hunting for a headboard so long i've almost given up.  yeah right!  craigslist is my main source and i'm looking to spend far, far less than any of these.  BUT inspiration like this gives my mind direction as to what i'm looking for.  the hunt continues.......

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