Saturday, April 16, 2011

Southgate High School Urban Farm

my husband is a math teacher at southgate high school.  he's also been helping lead the green club there.  a couple of weeks ago he was asked to take over the farm.  he gladly agreed since he has a great love for gardening and there is ample opportunity at this school to start something big. i've been hearing him talk about the farm plans as well as the really cool kids that are part of the green club.  friday i was able to  see it for myself.  they are just starting this large project, but so far, the creative ideas are popping.

the wonderful company, wolly pocket, donated the hanging planters which i absolutely LOVE and can't wait to have some day at my own house.

the kids have planted many different vegetables in the wolly pockets.  baby radishes are sprouting in these.

they got donations from tire shops in the neighborhood to give them these used tires to turn into planters.  UPCYCLE!


mr. santillana with his crew.  these are the green minds of the future that are going to make a difference in our world.  


Scott said...

That's great that Nello is working with his students to help turn them on to gardening! Maybe we could do a guerrilla gardening event in South Gate some time in the future.

Bill said...

Looks awesome and great use of the old tires and viticulture. If I didn't know Nello, I'd thought he was one of the students in that pic :)

¡Fräulein! said...

coolest teacher around.....