Saturday, July 10, 2010

the market report

in a city with 461,522 people, we are almost equal male and female. the majority of this population is between the ages of 25-54. sweet! we are a mix of all races, which i love, with 58% renting and the rest owning. (i hope to be in the later group soon)
*based on 2000 US Census Data*

and you know what really excites me about this town? we have farmers' markets here 6 days a week! that's right! with numbers like this, there is no reason to not buy local. not only is the produce fresh and in season, but you can also sample it before you buy! there's a buzz around the markets i love. community coming together, new relationships being made, recipes swapped, food being really makes me happy. so well done long beach for making this possible. you make me proud to live here.

Long Beach World Trade Center Farmers’ Market: Tuesday 11-1 Downtown

Long Beach Local Harvest Farmers’ Market: Wednesday 3-8pm Marine Stadium

Long Beach Uptown Farmers' Market: Thursday 3 -6:30 Bixby Knolls

Long Beach Downtown Farmers' Market: Friday 10 -4 Downtown Promenade

Long Beach East Village Farmers’ Market: Saturday 9-2 1st St. between Elm&Linden

Long Beach Southeast Farmers' Market: Sunday 9-2:00 Alamitos Bay

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