Saturday, August 7, 2010

frezno famous

growing up in fresno gave me a hearty start to life full of weird experiences, fun and well weird experiences. i'm continually amazed how often i hear about fresno on tv and people that have come out of there. 90% of them are people and stories you WISH you didn't hear about and 10% have been WOW....they're from no town?

well i went to high school with k-fed. my memory of him was your typical wigger. BIG baggy jeans, big white t-shirt and navy baseball hat....looking like it just came off the shelf...propped on the top of his head, slightly facing right. he was one of those guys who "danced" all the time @ lunch. he dated a girl i was kind of friends with so i knew him a bit. i believe he dropped out/got kicked out around our sophomore year. poof, k-fed was gone.

the next time i saw him was randomly @ an albertsons on the cover of US weekly. "britney spears has a new man". oh snap! that guy looks familiar. name: kevin federline. wtf?! i had to laugh. birtney, with all of her millions ended up with a fresno tweaker. (yep, word on the street back then was he had methbreath.)

well here's looking at you k-fed! your high school ex just posted this photo of you on her facebook (strange) and i had to laugh to myself. oh how far you've come.

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