Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sweet dreams

in my mind, i've been working on my bedroom for MONTHS.  i'm trying to figure out the color/pattern combo i want to use and can't seem to find anything i like...or can afford...or can find in the present era.
my current set-up (photo by bethany nauert)

below are some bedspread inspirations i've recently come across from the new book, handcrafted modern.
bedroom of George Nakashima
bedroom of Wharton Esherick 
difficult to tell by this cellphone photo, but i'm in love with the beautiful jade green bedspread/blanket.  very simple but elegant and the color is amaz.

bedroom of Walter Gropius
diagonal white chenille? bedspread goodness

bedroom of Russel Wright
and now this leads me to peru.  peru is known for their beautiful alpaca wool blankets.  i've found some online that i'd love to own and use as a bedspread but generally the cost is bananas.  then it clicked.  i married a peruvian!  time to use these family ties!  next time we make a visit down south, i'm going to do some serious shopping and brining back alpaca gems for my house and for sale....AND for better prices and styles than what i'm seeing out there.

i remember beautiful handmade blankets in cusco being sold all over the place.  large geometric patterns, stripes, deep colors galore....  unfortunately i didn't buy any in 2000 when i went with some girlfriends, but my next trip will be different people!  i'm on a mission.

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