Monday, October 15, 2007

golden sandalwood

on a whim, my friend anna and i visited a psychic today. first time for everything. i'm full of skepticism and went in playing the part of stone cold steve austin. no emotion, no response to her words. i wanted her to tell me about my 3 kids i sent away to live with their respective fathers. i wanted her to tell me i was the best dj on Argonne. i wanted her to help me predict what netflix would be sending me next. what she told me sent a bad whiskey chill up my spine. the words she uttered in that dark room behind the seedy crystal shop shall not pass the red velvet curtains that protected "us" from "them". as i glanced over at my partner, not life partner, but partner enough anna, we slowly shook our heads in disbelief. this broad had the nerve to tell me that

well enough about her reading. bottom line is, i'm opening my main vein up to the idea that what i want and what i'll get will be the same as long as i focus on the door prize. do you get me here? i didn't think so. i paid $10 for 15 minutes of job, love and mystery male figure in my life premonitions. it was fun. i'd do it again. thanks for the idea sweedish eagle.

german vulture

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