Tuesday, October 27, 2009

city slicker

back in the bay area...week 2 of work. week 2 of gorgeous weather. unbelievable really this late into october.

i'm staying in SOMA...21st floor this round. i used to spend some serious time in this city 6 years ago. i lived in monterey for 3 years but spent almost every weekend in sf where my friends and the action was. my plan was to move to sf after my stint in Mo. town, but love took me south. now that i'm back, i'm finding my love for the city is strong as ever.

(a little green roof action below my hotel window)

Yesterday i rolled down to the Los Gatos/Santa Cruz mts. to visit my sister on her vineyard. amongst the vines, she's also got a bangin garden and hens...all with names of course. the ladies are molting but dropping eggs left and right. check these beauties out! i can't wait to have a coup myself.

so as you can tell, i'm getting my city and country livin fixes. heaven for sure.


laura said...

Please go to Lulus on 4th and Folsome for me and have the Frito Misto!!!

UNI said...

i'm all over it. i'm so close i can taste it.

laura said...

this reader is predicting 'what's next' with our heroine before we read about it in Tiny Bubbles 3 months from now! :)