Thursday, January 21, 2010


some days thing just don't go your way. today is my day.

it started simple enough. i went to ikea to buy

for our newly created dining room (it was an undercover office before). i thought this baby was going to look great under our table and would tie in with the living room decor as well as the new yellow and white dresser, also in the dining room (picture to come) i scored for $60.

so i showed up at the big yellow and blue box, otherwise known as ikea, went straight for the rugs, rolled this baby out on the floor and had serious second thoughts. it kinda made me dizzy. too much pattern. just too much. shit. i started to paroose the other choices and nothing was standing out....other than the

large knotted jute rug that we already have in the bedroom. it would look good in the dining room and it was $79 cheaper and larger but was it too big? i was over hemming and hawing so i said "f it!", grabbed the original rug and hopped back on the rain drenched 405.

yep. it's way too much. i moved the dining room table and well as the 10,000lb dresser by myself to get that damn rug situated so i could make sure it wasn't going to work. that's affirmative. you're an idiot for not sticking to your instincts! now i don't want to deal with moving the furniture and rolling it up. i'm waiting for the bf to walk in the door from work so i can give him a kiss then ask for a couple favors: move furniture and come with me to ikea. i need a partner this time.

so when it's all done, i WILL have pictures. promised. oh, and while "rearranging" my balcony this afternoon my worm composter knocked over and spilled about 1/2 gallon of "worm tea" on my feet. like i said, some days things just don't go your way.

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UNI said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. everything is better now. rug #2 hit the spot.