Monday, March 8, 2010

london calling

i'm leaving for the UK tomorrow evening...and in style. 1st class there and back. whaaat?! yep. my good friend works for united airlines and has invited me to join her on this adventure. if you work for the airline, not only do you fly for free but also sit in business or first class...ALWAYS! since i'm her companion, i get to relish in this perk. wow. she is married to an english man who also happens to be a sound engineer for imogen heap. he is on tour right now and will miss his father's 60th birthday in wales. i'll be taking his place as my friend's date.

we're flying into london and staying at their flat (yep apartments in the US and UK!!) until friday then heading over to wales for the big party. sunday back to london then home by tuesday. a somewhat quick jaunt over the pond but a trip packed with new adventures, food and FUN. i'll be documenting it all as you can imagine and the highlights will show up here later of course.

as for now, i'm tying up all loose ends with work and home as well as paring down what i'm bringing to wear. layers, the color black and boots will dominate the palate. see ya on the flip!

1 comment:

laura said...

Have an amazing trip Frau!!

Such a better plan than Expo...