Monday, July 5, 2010

meet lola

my good friend has a greyhound, merl, who we now call the ambassador. he's such a rad pet that he's convinced us to get one of our own. we've been hunting for a rescue dog for quite some time and it wasn't until we learned more about greys that we realized they are the perfect apartment dog. yep, apartment dog. these big guys are lounge lizards. super mellow and gentle. we rescued our girl lola from greysave.

these greys are from the TJ track but were born in the states. in the past when their racing days were over, they would be put down. now they're put into a life of retirement. we are only on day one with her but so far she's been a gem. we're working on putting some more weight on to get her 100% back to where she should be. looks like we've found our match.

thanks elise and thank you merl for being such a good boy.

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