Tuesday, January 11, 2011


11 days into the new year and some of our resolutions, which i like to call changes in life patterns, are coming into effect.  my husband has a 38 mile round trip commute each day to work, often in hell traffic.  not only is this expensive, but mentally and environmentally draining.  since we live in the great county of LA (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice), we are not blessed with good public transportation at all.  we are fortunate that the blue line begins in downtown long beach which is part of his new commute.  i'm also part of the new commute.

we live 7 miles round trip to downtown so i've agreed to drive him to the train stop.  this is actually a fantastic thing on many levels.  it gives us time to talk in the morning before he jets off to teach high schoolers math all day, it gives our dog an always exciting ride in the car and it gives me the sunrise.  the most beautiful of colors happened when i was still driving home but the view wasn't too shabby once i got back.  2011 is bright.


Nelly and Nora said...

Anytime together is diamond time together x

Laura said...

Seize the sunrise! xxx