Sunday, September 9, 2007

back on the saddle

been busy, but i'm going to try and get some info out there again. i'm in the process of planning a huge halloween party on the 28th of oct. downtown long beach...pine st. to be exact...will be having a massive block party. i've got an opportunity to throw a party in one of the restaurants, alcohol sponsor and all. keep your eyes posted for updates.

FINGERED is back. Enjoy. --

Saturday 15 September 07
Alexandria Hotel
Spring and 5th Streets
Downtown Los Angeles

For the uninitiated, FINGERED is the nomadic Los Angeles party thrown by a collective of modern body movers who handcraft a new and stimulating feast from the ground up for each event. Sir Heffington, the master movement architect, and his skilled posse of frenetic / kinetic collaborators, choreoraphers and wanderlusters concoct a visual and aural brew that will leave you gasping for an encore....

Wear somethin pretty....and easy to remove.

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