Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free At Last!

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International Reggae Star, Jah Cure, was officially released from Tower Street Adult Correctional facility in Kingston, Jamaica. After nearly 8 years of incarceration, the man born Siccature Alcock, was released a few hours early since the authorities expected large crowds of supporters. For years the world has been chanting the mantra "Free Jah Cure", and their wishes have now been granted.
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Jah Cure has been more of a myth. A voice with only pictures of his face to match. He has released 3 albums while incarcerated, having had the opportunity to make use of a facility recording studio in the prison. Recent releases on the Don Corleon label, over the Drop Leaf Riddim (Longing For), and Seasons Riddim (Love Is) are considered to be his best of late. The sudden resurgence of One Drop Culture riddims has no doubt been due in part to Jah Cure's popular tunes.

The International Reggae community should be scrambling by now to put together shows for Jah Cure, and his appearances around Jamaica are guaranteed.
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Jah Cure has a new album, "True Reflections", which was released in correspondence with release from prison. Although this is a collection of his last group of singles he recorded in prison, it is a must have for Reggae enthusiasts.

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