Wednesday, November 18, 2009


(picture thanks to Gluten Free Portland Oregon)

it's that time again, time for anther nail biting, earth shattering GLUTEN FREE FOOD REVIEW. this time we can thank the upcoming holiday for inspiration. as you may or may not know reader, i am having my fam and the bf's fam over to our house this year for turkey day. the meeting of the minds as i like to call it.

bf and i are making the turkey, mashed pot, stuffing and some libations. cooking is tops on list so as you can imagine, this g-free BS is really bringing me down. it's just not fun. i bought two loaves of rosemary sourdough @ costco to use for gluten cool people's stuffing. damn that sounds so good.

today while driving around, it occured to me i could make g-free cornbread stuffing. cornbread stuffing is not tops on my list but damnet, i'm going to make it good if it kills me...primairly because i'll be the only one eating it. (unless i succeed in my hidden g-free cooking).

so Bob's Red Mill cornbread (g-free and original) are on sale right now @ WF's- 2/$5. i bought two packages and took them home to try. one for now (test kitchen) one for later...maybe. i also bought some frozen sweet corn kernels to add to the mix. if i'm doing cornbread, i'm doing CORNBREAD!

i also decided to use my cast iron cornbread mold i bought at ye ol' thrift store. (first time)

so far, so good.

they rose much more than i thought, which is pretty key in the g-free world so these don't turn out to be corn bricks.

#1, when using a cast iron mold, you have to make sure to really grease that sucker. i did and they were still a bitch to get out. letting them cool was key.

as you can see, this mold is pretty much good for one use only other wise you'd have to wash and re-grease in between each batch. too much work for this girl! but aren't my corn muffins cute?!

so now on to the real deal: taste. they taste GREAT! texture is on point, flavor tastes like good cornbread should (thank you very much) and not g-free reminiscent at all! success. now it's off to find a good cornbread stuffing i can tweak to make my own. stay tuned.....

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