Monday, November 30, 2009

oops i did it again

while walking back from the post office this am, i made a detour into blue windows, a cool little boutique in belmont shores that sells clothing, jewelry, books and chachskis. overall the place is spendy so i rarely go in. today i found some cool deals that i liked and so did my wallet.

i'm a sucker for old maps. i'm a sucker for san francisco. well this isn't a genuine old map but it's pretty rad. great colors (that don't show up in this picture well), grainy feel to the paper and a copy of the real deal. $4

i also scored 3 cool wood cut out snowflake ornaments, $3/each. in the picture they look white but in reality they are a light, unfinished wood. and you know i love me some wood.

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