Monday, December 7, 2009

evolution of a guest room

i'm ALWAYS moving stuff around my house. the bf comes home from work and is often puzzled where this or that went. he let's me "play". here's the latest and greatest from the guest room. it's already housed a few friends and family but is always open for more. UH know who you are.....

my family of owls that hang by the window and will watch you while you sleep. what?! original native american painting (yet another thrift score from my mom) $2...holler!

"the long walk" etching by Albrecht Durer, given to me by my mom's best friend.

cool mid-century looking candle holder my mom scored @ the thrift store. very architectural and right up my alley. thinking man's number game for the high school math teacher bf, german clock from dad.

not the boy IN the bubble, the boy WITH the bubbles. and my child's shoe mold from the estate sale finally found a home....for now.

my $25 craigslist score of a chair! crazy, i know. that table has to go, but for now it stays. notice the two dueling tall ship skateboards.



Nice Wassily Chair. There are three in Corona for $99 - tempting.

laura said...

Beautiful - and inspiring! You have a gift.

ps And would love to stay there....!!