Thursday, February 11, 2010

Die Steifel

so i'm going to europe (england and wales) in less than a month. it's going to be cold. i need a waterproof pair of boots that have style but won't kill my feet. found some used options on the net but not really sure what to do. i don't want to spend a lot since i live in so. cal. and won't wear them often. HELP!





i'm on the "hunt" for some hunters....affordable used ones. check this jimmy choo version out ...alligator RUBBER....$420. ha! thanks for the tip NF! i've already got some target pinks but now i've got my eye on the real deal blacks. xx


Nikki F said...

I like Hunter boots, maybe you can find a used pair. Stylish, but very practical. Waterproof!! Cute with a skirt.
Have fun!!

Nikki F said...

Also, just so you know, das Boot means "the Boat". Die Steifel are boots. :)

laura said...

Hunter is what all the East Coast frauleins wear during rainy spring here (this fraulein doesn't have them yet...but desires them). xxx