Saturday, November 21, 2009

i ♥ wood

(i think the grain on the side of this credenza looks like two boxers facing each other with their dukes up ready to fight)

being the treehugger i am, i still love me some wood furniture. i've got a rule though- nothing new. the bf and i were talking about furniture last night and how much of it is already in this world. if we stopped producing anything new right NOW, i think we'd all have enough to go around. just take a gander @ your local craigslist. jam packed full of everything your heart could ever desire. not to mention the deals out there. one good thing about this recession is people are selling. selling it all sadly, but for those of us on the hunt, it's a great time to come up.

now back to the wood. here are some creamy closeups. enjoy my wood porn.

that's enough eye candy for now.

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