Monday, May 10, 2010

spring chickens

my toilet paper roll starts:

these are SO easy to make and green x10.
-get a toilet paper roll and mash it flat...long way
-then bend it the other way so you make a square looking tube vs. a round one
-on each corner of the tube on one end, make an aprox 1 in. cut with your scissors
-fold the flats in so it looks like the bottom of a box. no need to seal this. the weight of the soil will keep it closed.
-fill with organic potting soil about 3/4 way up
-using a chopstick or your finger, make a hole in the center and drop one seed in.
-cover with soil and wala!

usually you'd want to start these indoors, but it's been warm and sunny here so they're living outside. if it's going to get cold at night i'll bring them inside. water regularly for they will dry out quickly. once they start to go to a decent size, you can plant the entire toilet paper roll in a larger pot and watch it grow. SO cool. give it a whirl.

my blooming joshua tree

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