Monday, May 24, 2010


our trip to palm springs turned out to be oh so much more....we got engaged! after a hike around San Jacinto mountain, we climbed on top of a HUGE fell tree to eat our picnic lunch. a steller jay started to hover over us. i thought it was going to swoop and attack. instead, it landed on a branch about 2ft. away from me and stared. we were tripping out that it was so brazen. i was thinking we must have been too close to it's nest. the bf took it as a sign to make his move. while i was in a steller jay trance dance, he pulled out the ring and popped the question. and well, the rest is history.

i feel so lucky to have found this gem and i know we've got a long, fun-filled life ahead of us.

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laura said...

AH! Wonderful story! And here's where the real fun begins....

xxxxxx sending love