Friday, May 7, 2010

what a week

talk about highs and lows! we adopted this adorable little guy monday from shelter and were ecstatic we finally found a dog that seemed to suit us. we've been looking for months and have met many dogs but none seemed to feel right. this little dude, who we named oscar, was MELLOW at the pound. he didn't shed and had a sweet disposition about him we couldn't resist. we had planned on adopting an adult dog but this 5 month old changed our mind.

the thing about adopting from the pound is you don't have much, if any, background info on the animals living there. private rescue agencies that rescue from kill shelters tend to be another story. they give you a little background on the adoptable in terms of good, bad and ugly personality-wise. they want to find a forever home and not a quick fix. BUT they tend to be about $100+ more.

as all dog owners know, it takes some time for your new pet to adjust. we expected this and welcomed it. we've been reading dog related literature non-stop since he arrived and in particular, separation anxiety info. for oscar has a bad, bad problem with anxiety...anxiety about me in particular leaving him. he goes apeshit when we're not in the same room. he's destructive and pees on his bed in his crate when i leave him for short periods of time. i've tried EVERYTHING short of medicating him, which i refuse, as suggested on some websites.

and then yesterday he ran away. not for good because i caught him, but this Houdini escaped out of his harness while i was in the market for 2 minutes or less. i was panicked to say the least. for all of his good, there is equal bad and i wish i had more background on him prior to adopting.

with much discussion between the bf and i, we've decided to take him to a no-kill rescue near by in hopes of him finding an owner that is with him 24/7. an older person would be great. i am beyond sad about this decision and have gone back and fourth every 5 minutes in my head. i feel like a looser.

i know it's for the best...for both him and us and i know in my heart there will be a fit that suits him best. but i'm sad.


Laura said...

sorry frau, sounds like this was such an up and down week. thinking of you guys! xx

UNI said...

thanks frau. yesterday was straight up hell but i'm feeling better today.