Wednesday, June 2, 2010

bicycle! bicycle!

the past 3 years i've been cruising a 10 speed which was generously given to me by my old neighbor. it was in good "garage" condition which i took to the next level. we've been on numerous adventures together and it has always been reliable whip. problem: too big. my old neighbor is a 6ft man so as you might guess the frame fit his body best. i've been searching craigslist for a ride built for a 5'8" lady for quite some time and monday she appeared.

pretty much mint condition. this schwinn model was the first to use quick release wheels-a huge advance at the time. it also has a cool generator attached to the back of the frame to power the rear light. original everything with the price of a well used bike. SCORE. and it's YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

glitter gold grips

generator detail

og seat in primo condition

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