Thursday, June 3, 2010

my mom

about once every two weeks i receive an envelope in the mail from my mom. i'm sure my postal carrier gets a kick out of her "decor" on the outside. sometimes she'll emphasize my name with a giant cut out J, other times it's a phrase like she used above. it's usually got a nice ransom note vibe. she reads her local newspaper as well as the NY Times plus a plethora of magazines which she gets her flair from.

(this picture is cut out from a magazine. my mom does have art skills)
instead of a letter or even a quick note, i get articles, ad's pertaining to what's going on in my life at the moment and an occasional comic strip.

the articles always relate to my interests and when i was in college, my schooling. i was an anthropology major and an art history major before that so you can imagine her subject matter.

she usually adds her own note at the top and sometimes underlines or highlights the important parts. she's kind of like my own cliff notes.

it's her way to teach me something from afar. my mom is one of those people that likes to pass on her knowledge. really to anyone that will listen. instead of telling me her lesson, or writing it down, she sends me an article about it.

i save many of the articles she sends, mostly for her humorous notes. and i ALWAYS save the really good envelopes. they are classic. i know some day she won't be here to send these bits of wisdom and light so i take comfort that i'll have her mind with me later in life.


laura said...

this made me smile. thanks for sharing it . xx

Heller Home said...

Go Sandy! I love this, that's really special, unique, and clearly shows how often you are on her mind from afar!

Mandy said...

Ha ha! My mom does the same exact thing, minus the frequency and ransom-like envelopes. :)