Thursday, June 3, 2010

kale chips!

i had a head of curly kale hiding in my fridge and yesterday decided to put it to use! i've never made kale chips before but heard good things about them. super healthy and they satisfy that salty, crispy craving. i'm in!

wash the kale and remove the leave from the stem.
break into smaller pieces.
put in a bowl and add about 2t. olive oil and a decent pinch of salt.
use your hands and make sure that all the leaves are coated with the combo.
place on a cookie sheet, making sure not to overlap the leaves (the will steam), and place in a 370* oven.
cook for about 15 min or until they start to get brown on the edges.

looks kinda freaky but tastes fantastic! even the super green ones in the picture are CRISPY.

i also roasted some beets yesterday from my farm basket. little s&p, 400* oven for about an hour (they were large beets) and wa-la. i'm going to use them in a salad (sans lettuce) with orange slices, red onions, thyme and a simple vinaigrette made w/ white balsamic and orange juice.

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