Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bird herdler

i have an idea....

this wall has been giving me grief ever since we moved in. it's big, it's beige and it's boring. no headboard (i'm picky as hell and can't find one i can afford/like) so i've been contemplating painting it. then this past weekend while my sister was visiting, she gave me a good idea...bird prints. old, trippy bird prints. random bird prints. we're both intrigued by birds and have quite an assortment living around my house.

so here's what i've found so far via etsy:

birds on linen

fork tailed flycatcher

rufous hummingbird


baltimore oriole

great blue heron

and while i'm at it, i mind as well pick up this dress to stay in theme while laying on my bed

so anyway....we'll see how this pans out. i have a lot of ideas and about 40% of them come to fruition.

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