Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dear thrift stores,

yesterday i was in hemet, which was surprisingly lovely. the rock formations in the area are intense. think jutting mountains rising up out of farm valleys but the mountains are a collection of ginormous rocks. very unusual and beautiful.

on the way home from hemet, i decided to stop at a thrift store or two to see what the IE had to offer. Redland's Thrift looked promising from the outside. large and good reviews on yelp. what was inside was another story....

right as i walked in the front door, this guy was winking at me. awkwardly hanging out by the lp's he called me over to come say hi. i do need a new chair for our office and this one was comfy and had style. i rolled it over to the cashier to find out how much since no tag was to be found. she shook her head at me, "nope, not for sale. it's the stores." okkkkkkkk.

i waved goodbye and keep hunting. the back forty of this joint is beat down furniture central...but hey, everything is 50% off! maybe there's a jewel in there somewhere.

cool desk, sturdy as hell, not too beat up...but i don't need one. and here's where it gets ugly....the price. first it was $65. me thinks not. second, the price was written in PEN on top of the desk. i tried smudging it off just to see if it was possible. nope. this is my #1 THRIFT STORE COMPLAINT!!!! what the fuck are you thinking?! you are ruining the item and if you expect someone to pay $65...or 50% of that, you're nuts.

exhibit B: not only did they go over it once with a pen, but twice. totally soaked into the old metal. a cool looking typewriter ruined. what happened to a god damn sticker?!

exhibit c: trippy metal bed frame made to look like grainy wood. but nope, white paint pen on this baby too. qewl move Redland's Thrift!

i had to get out of the 50% off zone quick. it was bringing me down.

inside i met marty harding. hello marty. do you like to party?

while wandering in the back of the store i ran into twin sisters of the guy in the front. well lookie here...maybe homeie wasn't for sale but you just might be..... oh what's that?! no, no they're not for sale...they're the STORES!? ok. thanks.

but don't worry, this silly little elephant and cute kissing couple could be all yours if you bid right. yep bid. bids in the back, magic marker in the front.

now speaking of up my alley, check the bumpits on these broads!

and those of you thinking you missed out on woodstock? well no, what you missed out on was the jesus sound explosion in '72, aka the Explo.

now it wasn't a complete wash because i did pick up these four large wooden plates. god knows i need more plates.....

and the price was written small on the bottom. thank you!

now i'm not just harping on you Redland's Thrift. this writing prices on items for sale is a wide spread epidemic that needs to be nipped in the butt and quick. you are loosing sales and driving people like me mad.


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