Monday, April 19, 2010

edit, edit then edit some more

well today my casa was featured on apartment therapy's small cool 2010 contest. some of us that live in limited space have entered a contest to see who's "worked it" the best. knowing there would be some serious competition i decided to throw my name in the hat for feedback on my efforts. and feedback i got.

mostly good...some overly generous...some great constructive criticism and some flaming bags of shit. the constructive stuff was useful. especially today as i drove to Hemet to pick up my new coffee table from the brick house. i was already planning on switching up the living room a bit once my mirrored friend arrived but also decided to edit the place down a bit after reading some comments.

design takes time. and it changes...sometimes constantly. those that have a decorator come in, buy all of their furniture at once and WA-LA! you're done! is not only boring, cookie cutter and no fun in my option, but not original. i collect pieces, i sell pieces. i try an item in one area and sometimes it sticks but mostly it doesn't. a picture of my house is a picture of it that day. tomorrow it's probably different. take the opinions of those you trust. don't be scared to edit.

that being said, i LOVE my table and i think it completely changes up the whole look of the living room. and the switch of the dining room rug for the family room rug is key.

now it's time take this table for a test run!

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Bill said...

you got the table.