Friday, April 16, 2010

nascar in my backyard

kinda. the long beach grand prix is already howling downtown and my 3 1/2 mile buffer doesn't seem to be enough. sweet. instead of hitting the circuit with the rest of so. cal's race fans this weekend, we're going to skip town for the day and go on a hike.

the bf has been telling me about a hike off the ortega hwy in the cleveland national forest for a long time so i figured what better time to go? i've never been there, flowers are blooming, weather isn't too hot yet and best of car noise. i'm game.

after this adventure, we'll come home to a free show @ my local (and two blocks away!) record store, fingerprints, to see dios malos preform. maybe hit up some sushi it a day. i'm still a little under the weather from that nasty bug that got me earlier in the week so i'm laying off the bevy's. =I

sunday- guerrilla gardening with the crew in lb for a gift back to the mother we call earth. she takes a lot of shit from us humans. good to hook her up from time to time.


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