Tuesday, July 27, 2010


hello west elm, i think you just solved my dining room blues. i've been hunting for a rug that won't break the bank and would help tie in the living room decor. you just answered my design prayers.

UPDATE: i ordered it....and returned it.  way too busy for the eyes on a large scale.  maybe a smaller version would have been ok.  thought i was going to have a seizure after staring at it for a bit.

Monday, July 19, 2010

dollar makes me holler

because it's monday.....gotta earn that $$ again.......... =/

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sweet dreams

my turntables would love this darling to be their new home.

les livres

since i've got palm springs on the mind more than usual lately, i wanted to pick this baby up to stimulate the dreams.

i read about the gentleman of bacongois and heard this book was the shiznat. decided to check it for myself. the story behind these men is fascinating and i can't resists sharp dressers...

the selby should feed my desire to know how people live. artists, musicians, designers, movers and shakers in the style world. soon..my grubby little hands will be all up in this piece.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

it's hot

after two months of june gloom, the heat has finally arrived. turning on the stove is kind of out of the question. last night i made an amazing meal composed of that day's farmers market finds.

gazpacho ala the kitchen

grilled pizza ala rachel ray

peach crumble also ala the kitchen....ok i cooked something!

and water with ice cubes for lola.

Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP Sugar Minott

i'm a BIG fan of sugar minott and i was sad to hear he passed away this weekend. another reggae legend is no long with us and his presence and music will be dearly missed. i'm glad i was able to see him play a few times.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

the market report

in a city with 461,522 people, we are almost equal male and female. the majority of this population is between the ages of 25-54. sweet! we are a mix of all races, which i love, with 58% renting and the rest owning. (i hope to be in the later group soon)
*based on 2000 US Census Data*

and you know what really excites me about this town? we have farmers' markets here 6 days a week! that's right! with numbers like this, there is no reason to not buy local. not only is the produce fresh and in season, but you can also sample it before you buy! there's a buzz around the markets i love. community coming together, new relationships being made, recipes swapped, food being cooked....it really makes me happy. so well done long beach for making this possible. you make me proud to live here.

Long Beach World Trade Center Farmers’ Market: Tuesday 11-1 Downtown

Long Beach Local Harvest Farmers’ Market: Wednesday 3-8pm Marine Stadium

Long Beach Uptown Farmers' Market: Thursday 3 -6:30 Bixby Knolls

Long Beach Downtown Farmers' Market: Friday 10 -4 Downtown Promenade

Long Beach East Village Farmers’ Market: Saturday 9-2 1st St. between Elm&Linden

Long Beach Southeast Farmers' Market: Sunday 9-2:00 Alamitos Bay

Monday, July 5, 2010

meet lola

my good friend has a greyhound, merl, who we now call the ambassador. he's such a rad pet that he's convinced us to get one of our own. we've been hunting for a rescue dog for quite some time and it wasn't until we learned more about greys that we realized they are the perfect apartment dog. yep, apartment dog. these big guys are lounge lizards. super mellow and gentle. we rescued our girl lola from greysave.

these greys are from the TJ track but were born in the states. in the past when their racing days were over, they would be put down. now they're put into a life of retirement. we are only on day one with her but so far she's been a gem. we're working on putting some more weight on to get her 100% back to where she should be. looks like we've found our match.

thanks elise and thank you merl for being such a good boy.