Monday, May 31, 2010

she's thrifty

i've got a thing for yellow. this $4.99 metal trunk said, "heeeeeey girl!" when i walked by. it's permanently locked shut but oh well. a table doesn't need to open.

$1.00... yeah it needs some cleaning but i'm LOVIN the yellow quilted interior and original baggage tags from long beach. radness.

the 20 year old guerrilla garden

old growth

the man with a plan...scott

scott has been working this plot light years before guerrilla gardening was GUERRILLA GARDENING. he's been talking about the need to do some work here to clear out the weeds, re-plant as well as give a home to the many cuttings he propagates in his backyard. yesterday was the day.

it really blows my mind every time i show up to one of these events, the dedication scott has to the cause. the time and money it takes to grow the plants, the work to load and unload his truck with tools, trash bags and the stars of the show-the succulents and cacti, then the work to put them in the ground. all of this without a single dollar from the city and very little recognition. it's only been the last couple of years he's started to get help with his johnny appleseed efforts. what a legacy he's leaving behind!

i seriously applaud his great efforts as well as the volunteers that show up to these digs to make a change in our local community. i'm sore today from 3 hours of digging but it feels so good and i wouldn't want to feel any other way.

check out this old growth garden for yourself on Loynes Ave between PCH and Bixby Village Dr. in long beach as well his website for more eye candy. you'll be amazed.

Friday, May 28, 2010

henry dunay

i'm picky when it comes to certain, music, JEWELRY. so when it came time for the bf and i to find an engagement ring, i had very particular thoughts on the matter. ever since we've been engaged i've been hunting for a cocktail ring, something unconventional with a vintage feel. i've never been a big fan of the classic diamond solitaire so often found on many females hands. diamonds really aren't my thing. i prefer colored stones and more uniqueness.

this baby popped up on my fantasy furniture/art/jewelry website, 1stdibs. everything tends to be WAY out of my price range but it's a great location to dream and expand your tastes. not only was this one of a kind rings in our range but it also was in our backyard! most items advertised on this site come from new york, chicago and LA.

it is signed Duney....aka henry dunay and is circa 1970. i like his story and i LOVE his work. so excited to find something that is SO me and a piece of jewelry i will wear the rest of my life.

Monday, May 24, 2010


i ♥ the desert

ace is the place

we really enjoyed ourselves this past weekend @ the ace in palm springs. maybe we were lighter than normal due to the big event that just took place, but whatever it was, it was good. we're even considering this location for our wedding. it's just got that cool desert vibe we both enjoy so much.

j&n party time here?????

my dream ride

breakfast of champions @ the amigo room

this is where the cabana boy lives

on-site ice cream truck

my other dream whip


our trip to palm springs turned out to be oh so much more....we got engaged! after a hike around San Jacinto mountain, we climbed on top of a HUGE fell tree to eat our picnic lunch. a steller jay started to hover over us. i thought it was going to swoop and attack. instead, it landed on a branch about 2ft. away from me and stared. we were tripping out that it was so brazen. i was thinking we must have been too close to it's nest. the bf took it as a sign to make his move. while i was in a steller jay trance dance, he pulled out the ring and popped the question. and well, the rest is history.

i feel so lucky to have found this gem and i know we've got a long, fun-filled life ahead of us.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

go lakers!

even though i'm a lakers fan, i can still appreciate this photo taken by my boss last night at the game. coach gentry hooked the owners of sambazon up with tickets and then they hooked him up with this sweet sweet trucker cap. ha!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tick tock tick tock

3 more days........but who's counting.

this week has been work hell so far and i'm really in the mood for some r&r time by the pool, a stiff drink and a tan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


a new cut and color does a world of difference for the mood. today happened to be that day. my roots thank me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

stolen moments

i've got carrots blowing out of my fridge. i've made muffins with them, i've used them in savory dishes but am starting to draw a blank. (csa basket) so when i ran across roasted carrot salad from lovely morning blog, i had an ah ha moment. i made it almost the same except i changed a few things. i omitted the fennel and used only one bunch of carrots (but i wish i used more since they were so damn tasty!) i also mixed this combo up with some organic, red quinoa. cool the quinoa and carrots to room temp before you mix it all together and serve. SOOO delicious. i will make this one again for sure.

and for dessert from another blog i enjoy, pete bakes!, i found cookies i couldn't resist making. not only do i have carrots galore but also meyer lemons...i'm not complaining...from my neighbor with a tree. i thought the zest would be marviloso and i was right!

(cookie photos ala pete bakes!)
try his rosemary lemon cookies HERE