Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my headspace

my creation tonight....do it. try it. you'll thank me.

muddle in a mortar and pestle:
1/4 large jalapeno
some cilantro
candied ginger

once it's good and mushed up, added it to a shaker full of ice and 2 shots Kirkland vodka....that's right son! add some sugar...a good amount...and shake it like you're gonna brake it. sugar the rim up of a glass and pour it in with a splash of soda water.

i'm calling this the jalapeno gin....as in ginger....as in JEN.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the ghost of christmas past

today has kind of been a crazy one. the HELL of christmas has finally got to some near and dear. i've witnessed the insanity first hand while out in the stores today. the photo scanner at Target was NOT working with me and i found myself ready to screeeeem. then, while walking in the parking lot, i was almost hit by a possessed driver. whew! that's enough to take it out of you.

i came home to a cranky bf who was ready to be done with the whole thing (christmas) once and for all. personally, i love this season. the lights, fresh tree in my living room making my house smell divine, finding that special gift for the ones i love, family visits on the horizon and the friends i hopefully get to see while i'm home. to me, it's not about the receiving...it's about the giving. i get so excited to see the receiver open my present (many times from a thrift store), i could care less what i got. REALLY. the gift i give might not be worth a lot of money, but thought has been put into it and most importantly LOVE. i've already had the bf open 3 of his 4 stalking stuffers because i couldn't wait to see them on him and his reaction.

i found these pictures today in an old album while i was looking for a special photo to copy and give to my dad. these were taken when i was about 3. my family was still one cohesive unit, santa was real, barbies were cool, everyone was healthy and i didn't have a care in the world. family and friends are life. these are the true gifts i've been given in life and i cherish them dearly. every year around this time i try and step back and enjoy the little things i take for granted each day. today happens to be that day.


ginger boy celebration lap after the big unveiling...dad with his broken leg....

Friday, December 18, 2009

esty cool

1910 Brain Duster Container Filled With Original Pills

Leather and Suede Attache Case

Cocoa Vixen Boots

Pierre Cardin Crocodile Leather Clutch

Cerrusite Ring

Porcelain Wishbone

Tapio Wirkkala White Polo Egg Vase

Vintage Large Brass Giraffe Statue

4 Point Hudson Bay Blanket

christmas @ the casita

even though it was 76* today, i'm trying to feel the christmas spirit. it's hard when you're wearing a tank top. i'm counting down the days until i go home, back to the land of tulle fog. i want to wear a coat, sit in front of a fire, go down christmas tree lane and check out the Dr. Suess exhibit @ the Metropolitan Museum which is sadly closing after 30 years in a couple of weeks.

here's my little slice of the holidays.....

disco balls are a must. my grandma had them and i do too.

wood snowflake

his and hers

recycled thanksgiving table decor (berries and pomegranates) on the mantel

a helmet i can sink my teeth into

every time i see my mom...well ALMOST every time, she likes to bring up me riding a bike...without a helmet. she even took me on a fake shopping trip once to "go check out the new REI in town". she headed straight for the bike helmets upon entry and had no interest in the rest of the store. i know! i should wear one...but they're just so damn ugly. i've considered buying the classic skateboarding helmet for a little more style but i haven't got around to it yet...uh hem.

UNTIL today. i found these bike helmets/covers from a RAD and much need company, Yakkay. these are soooo up my alley.

yeah, i know...it's a HELMET! super cool. i actually already have that hat in brown so i know it's a go.

or these...

and then throw some rad ear muffs on this baby.....

that's what i'm talkin about!

so i sent my mom the link so she could see that FINALLY someone made a helmet i'd be down to sport and then....THEN i realized....they're not in the US yet. of course. AUGH! i'll find one somewhere but i'm still glad someone, somewhere is on the same page as me. thank you Yakkay!


such a cool movie. the story...the animation...loved it all. RENT.

6 more days

going into the Orange Curtain tonight for a birthday dinner. (can you hear the excitement in my voice?!) apparently we're eating at a restaurant in newport that overlooks the ocean and the FAMOUS newport boat (ah hem yacht) parade. should be nice to watch the excess float by as i eat my seafood dinner. ahh the OC. what are your plans for the upcoming weekend?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


my mom and i agree that my dad needs some new jeans. ones that fit his bod better and in a darker wash. i told her a style of Levi's i like..514's so she went out and bought a pair for him. this is her email to me this am regarding the purchase. (picture and all)
"Dad tried them onand to me he look like icabod crane of sleepy hollow fame. He thinks they fit and they do, but his business, if you get my drift, looks a little too obvious and squished.
Do they come in one inch increments. Perhaps 33 would be better and easier on MY eyes" (ps, they're divorced so this makes the story better)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

what's cookin in Betty's kitchen?

my older sister is a graduate of the Le Cordon Blue cooking school so as you can imagine, food is her thang. she's also funny as hell. today while diggin @ a LB thrift store i just discovered, i came across this Betty Crocker recipe box. perfect condition and the recipes are....ridiculous. christmas gifffffft!

not only freaky recipes, but freaky cool recipe box. love the olive green.

what biker do you know that parties like this?

as in roadkill?

campside quickie! my fav...

if you've come to the end of your trail in life, i hope this is not your last meal

arty likes to party and i like his cake

African Safari? como?

i kinda like this funky cake....

they said it, i didn't: Gay Ninety's Ice Cream Party. what was this supposed to mean in the '70's?

"Men's Favorite" category. my man wants more than some tomatoes and iceburg. maybe a cucumber and he'd be stoked.

yet another "Men's Favorites". men like hash. hashish.

springtime says baby pork to me!

go on, have your way with these peppers. just call them in the morning.

just throw all of your holiday leftover in a pan, white sauce it up and serve! don't forget the canned pears...

Fonduloha-American Classic....me thinks not.

mummm, hamburger pie. beefy!

jellied chicken salad for EVERY OCCASION!

i could go on and on but i think you've got the idea.

Leisure World- Seal Beach....you KNOW these cats owned Betty's best back in the day.

books need to be held too

Natural fossilized wood

Jacks Bookends (1972)

1950's Chartreuse Royal Haeger Horse and Colt


tomorrow night in san pedro. love me some leeches and the other portland bands sound good...well at least online. HOLLER!

reuse recycle!

these are cool. each lamp is made entirely of repurposed cardboard boxes. i'm thinking they might be a bitch to keep dust free...but i really like the idea and look.

did i mention they're expensive? well of course they are. too much $$ for my taste but a girl can dream.