Friday, April 30, 2010

pound puppies

i'm a sucker for a big nose

since i was in LA today, i ventured up to the pasadena humane society to check out a few pups i've been keeping my eye on. great facility as far as pounds go. just as sad to see all of these lovelies behind bars but at least they were outside in clean cages and getting some sun!

i've got my name on the wait list for the two tan guys in the second picture as well as the cute girl at the end with jumbo ears. so many adorable dogs waiting to find homes. rescuing is where it's at! now i need my damn landlord to call this place back to ok an adoption. fingers crossed....

*damn....heard back from the landlord. he gave the pound the thumbs up. heard back from the pound...all three were adopted today. good for them, the hunt continues for me.*
**update #2: we got a dog! picture number two...the shorter of the two. better pics to come once he makes it home- either monday or tuesday. now for a name...**
friday could not have come soon enough. it's been a long week to say the least. luckily fun is on my horizon:
-checking out some pound puppies and hopefully finding a match
-bike sale in pasadena
-birthday party for my right hand dj man
-homie from sf in town

plus some other shiz i'm going to miss:
-Venice Garden and Home Tour
-immigration rally downtown LA

i need some sun and outdoor living, as well as a big wet nose and floppy ears near my side. i think i can capture all three...


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

today's mail

(photo via design sponge)
so i'm not a big one piece bathing suit wearer...more of bikini broad, but this suit by jantzen caught my eye. i decided to give it a whirl. it arrived today and well i LOVE it.

also in the mail today were a few lovely picks from jcrew....or jah crew as i like to call them. they call this one the tissue flutter tank. looks hot with a pair of white slim fit jeans.

and to wrap it up, a big ol' cocktail ring. love these babies. speaking of cocktail...i think it's time for one....

reuse recycle

from the seller of the bird dress comes these fine finds... like her stuff. bit spendy for used but cool all the same. as much as i like to get my thrift on, i have no patience for the clothing section. searching piece by piece in a mountain of cloth is just not my style. i'll let others dig and i'll buy their sorted treasures.

Edwardian revival Poet Blouse

1970's Disco Dress LBD - i'm going to be in a wedding this october. all the bridesmaids are wearing black dresses. we each can choose which dress we want to wear and this one might have my pick.

1950's Olive Green Wiggle Dress

persimmon orange wrap skirt

boot skootn boogie

sum pix from the pike last wednesday. thanks soundman groupie for snapping these....
my sister (in the last pic) pushed all of the non-dancing hipsters aside and got her whirling dervish on. that's my girl!

bikes are sexy

Workcycles Fr8 Cross-Frame- UK made

Pashley Guv'nor- UK made

Sveltina Uomo- Italian made

but the prices are not. ho hum.
fourth floor distribution website gets the dreams rollin.
my irs refund might get the wheels rollin.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bird herdler

i have an idea....

this wall has been giving me grief ever since we moved in. it's big, it's beige and it's boring. no headboard (i'm picky as hell and can't find one i can afford/like) so i've been contemplating painting it. then this past weekend while my sister was visiting, she gave me a good idea...bird prints. old, trippy bird prints. random bird prints. we're both intrigued by birds and have quite an assortment living around my house.

so here's what i've found so far via etsy:

birds on linen

fork tailed flycatcher

rufous hummingbird


baltimore oriole

great blue heron

and while i'm at it, i mind as well pick up this dress to stay in theme while laying on my bed

so anyway....we'll see how this pans out. i have a lot of ideas and about 40% of them come to fruition.

time traveler

kate bush remake.
reminds me of my time in london.
missing my friends from abroad.

Monday, April 26, 2010


can be rough. after work naps are a must. sweet dreams love........

happy birthday dad!

my dad had a massive stroke 9 years ago.

the day before his stroke, his father died of a heart attack. my grandpa was about to go into surgery for his heart and didn't make it to the hospital. my dad drove to san francisco to pick up his mother to take her back to humbolt co. where they lived. it was a rough day already to say the least. on the drive north, my dad and my grandma stopped in wilits, ca. to get some gas. when they pulled up to the gas station, my dad was disorientated and couldn't figure out how to open his car door. when he finally did, he fell to the ground and passed out. stroke.

unfortunately wilits hospital is not the most high tech. they did not have a particular drug which stops the bleeding in the brain post stroke. he was in bad shape. when he was stabilized enough, he was medavac'd to fresno where my parents live. his new home was intensive care for about 3 weeks. the bleeding and swelling of his brain continued and they had to drill a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure. we were told more than once he wasn't going to make it. he was in and out of consciousness and hallucinating due to the bleeding and drugs. these were not happy hallucinations. he thought he was being abducted by aliens and was quite scared. seeing such a strong man, my this condition was unnerving.

the story is deeper and darker for other reasons but the main point is he survived. he came out of the hospital about a month later, unable to walk or go to the bathroom by himself. i moved back home from eugene, oregon to help my mom help my dad. the old bob was was a shell of what was left behind. mourning the loss of that person was the hardest.

fast forward to today and he's living on his own. he also has a boat in sausalito which is his LIFE. he is a man of the ocean and is happiest there. he can't use his left arm and has to walk with a cane but he's walking! if you'd never met him before you'd think his brain was 100%. knowing him well, you'd know he's lost a few things....but ask him about law....ask him about when he was 6 years old, sharp as a whistle.

i get scared knowing he's on the boat by himself. i worry about him falling off or hurting himself but i have to remember that it's the place he loves most. he's lost so much already in his life and i can't take this away from him. he had an accident on his scooter yesterday and fell down a steep hill. he's ok, a bit shaken and his pride is hurt. i just got off the phone with him to wish him a happy 69th. he's decided to take it easy today on the boat. read, enjoy the breeze, listen to some classical music.

this is a man that does not let obstacles get in his way. he has already overcome great barriers and continues to charge forward each day. he has had things happen to him that would crush most people. somehow he looks forward and moves on. i try and capture this spirit in my own life. it's hard.

so today is really his 9th birthday in my eyes... not his 69th. 9 years of survival, nine years of beating the odds. happy birthday dad! i love you and can't wait for what adventures the future will bring us.


Friday, April 23, 2010

praises! it's friday....

dropped some goods off @ ye ol thrift store today and did a quick spin around the place to see if there was anything worth picking up. pretty dry day overall minus the jesus jackpot of lp's. i had to document a few of the best....

my fav

with much purple

double the trouble, double the fun. wife swap takes on a whole new meaning.

weather is supposed to be banging this weekend. going to soak it up as well as my sister's visit.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pick a peck of pickled peppers @ the pike

dj'ing tonight @ the Pike w/ my right hand man elvis aka mao won. sometimes they put me on the calendar, other times they don't. see you there...don't be a square. all vinyl, all night.

oh! and my big sister is in town. double trouble.

kermit the frog vs. dee dee ramone

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dear thrift stores,

yesterday i was in hemet, which was surprisingly lovely. the rock formations in the area are intense. think jutting mountains rising up out of farm valleys but the mountains are a collection of ginormous rocks. very unusual and beautiful.

on the way home from hemet, i decided to stop at a thrift store or two to see what the IE had to offer. Redland's Thrift looked promising from the outside. large and good reviews on yelp. what was inside was another story....

right as i walked in the front door, this guy was winking at me. awkwardly hanging out by the lp's he called me over to come say hi. i do need a new chair for our office and this one was comfy and had style. i rolled it over to the cashier to find out how much since no tag was to be found. she shook her head at me, "nope, not for sale. it's the stores." okkkkkkkk.

i waved goodbye and keep hunting. the back forty of this joint is beat down furniture central...but hey, everything is 50% off! maybe there's a jewel in there somewhere.

cool desk, sturdy as hell, not too beat up...but i don't need one. and here's where it gets ugly....the price. first it was $65. me thinks not. second, the price was written in PEN on top of the desk. i tried smudging it off just to see if it was possible. nope. this is my #1 THRIFT STORE COMPLAINT!!!! what the fuck are you thinking?! you are ruining the item and if you expect someone to pay $65...or 50% of that, you're nuts.

exhibit B: not only did they go over it once with a pen, but twice. totally soaked into the old metal. a cool looking typewriter ruined. what happened to a god damn sticker?!

exhibit c: trippy metal bed frame made to look like grainy wood. but nope, white paint pen on this baby too. qewl move Redland's Thrift!

i had to get out of the 50% off zone quick. it was bringing me down.

inside i met marty harding. hello marty. do you like to party?

while wandering in the back of the store i ran into twin sisters of the guy in the front. well lookie here...maybe homeie wasn't for sale but you just might be..... oh what's that?! no, no they're not for sale...they're the STORES!? ok. thanks.

but don't worry, this silly little elephant and cute kissing couple could be all yours if you bid right. yep bid. bids in the back, magic marker in the front.

now speaking of up my alley, check the bumpits on these broads!

and those of you thinking you missed out on woodstock? well no, what you missed out on was the jesus sound explosion in '72, aka the Explo.

now it wasn't a complete wash because i did pick up these four large wooden plates. god knows i need more plates.....

and the price was written small on the bottom. thank you!

now i'm not just harping on you Redland's Thrift. this writing prices on items for sale is a wide spread epidemic that needs to be nipped in the butt and quick. you are loosing sales and driving people like me mad.