Tuesday, November 30, 2010

happy meal

3 fish tacos and a tecate for $4

taco tuesdays over at hole mole.  i think we've been hitting this spot up the past 3 weeks.  it's just too good a deal and too tasty to pass up.  PLUS, all you can eat fried peppers.  these babies are addictive like crack, and you still get to keep your teeth!  holla!  tell mc donalds and their mc rib to suck it!

no love in the thrift nov-dec

sweet little demitasse cups and saucers.  i bought with the intent to sell but now i'm having second thoughts 

the whole lot for $3! holler!

this chick knows how to party during the holidays.  i could take note

i liked the graphic and the title of course, but the music seemed to be no bueno. verdict:pass

i mind as well stay home and catch some zzzzz's.  thrift stores are picked over, and then some.  i've been on the hunt because i have items selling like hotcakes on etsy and need more for my store.  i bought the demitasse cups and saucers a couple of weeks ago and every since, dry city. poop.  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

extending the holidays

it seems like time goes so fast lately. i feel like years roll into the next before i have a chance to enjoy the last. i decided to put up christmas decorations this year the day after thanksgiving. i've never been on it like this but i have to say i'm glad i did it. spending time in our living room is a true joy.

i've been a fraser fir advocate my entire life but after my mom kicked down this vintage white tree, i couldn't pass it up. a live garland is still going to be key to get that heavenly pine sent in the casa. between the white tree and the mirrored table...we're starting to look like a 70's coke den. i like. now i need to replace the jute rug with some furry number and we'll be ret to go!

when you don't have a real fireplace...well you make one. why long beach is notorious for these fake babies, i don't know, but i'm making the most out of mine.

two peas in a pod...that's us, and our first ornament as a mr. and mrs.

disco anyone?

the mirror is making plans with the tree

kinetic energy done right

Saturday, November 27, 2010

BB's sf apartment tour

(bill and nello checking out the surf @ ocean beach)

sometimes you just know you're supposed to be friends with certain people.  my boy bill is one of these peeps.  we met in san pedro about 2 1/2 years ago through mutual friends.  he's originally from there but has been calling sf home in recent times.  years ago, both of us escaped our birthplaces and ventured north for greener pastures.  bill headed to arcata and i fled fresno for eugene.

bill has mad style and his apartment is a treasure chest of cool.  everything he owns has a place.  no clutter found in this sunset abode.  the simplicity of it all makes each carefully picked item stand out like a jewel.  it's eclectic, it's personal, it's BB's sf apartment.

thanks for letting us crash there last week! we love you.........

Friday, November 19, 2010

game on

sushi tonight.  it's been far too long.  all of that "being cheap for the wedding" shiz is out the window.  well not really but at least i can afford a good haircut again and sushi from time to time.

this little delight is a quail egg shooter from my spot, aki.  the egg yoke, ponzu, and masago are served inside the delicate shell while a sprinkle of bonito flakes and green onion rest on top.  the shell lives on an island of wasabi in the middle of a soy sauce sea.  kind of perfection.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

walkabout palm springs

we stayed in palm springs 4 days and 3 nights for our wedding. three of those days were pretty much packed full of action and not a lot of relaxation. the last day we were there...the day we left, we woke up early to go for a walk around our neighborhood and scope the local architecture. right outside our front door was this rainbow. good sign...

one of my favs....and for sale!

one pink door please...and a reflecting pool in front!

LOVE the doors to this house's courtyard

we discovered this cool little duplex complex near the house we were married at. lots of out of state license plates in the driveways. we were daydreaming about owning one ourselves. some residences of these homes spiced up their spot with brightly colored doors or interesting landscaping.

and funky retro mailboxes..

simple desert landscaping done right

the only black man in palm springs...and he was doin it right! he tricked his golf cart into a rolls. we also got a thumbs up from him. i want to hang with this guy.

welcome to my new house...

this wall is hot

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


my work just sent an email out to their employees about a movie premiere friday. we sponsor rob machado at sambazon so it's nice to support the guy since he supports us. i've got plans, but maybe you're a toes to the nose typa guy/girl and want to check it for yourself....

3 little bears and "vintage" ikea

here's mama bear and papa bear's leather chairs...and they're for sale. papa bear's seat is a bit blown out for my taste, but mama's is looking good. this lame cellphone photo doesn't show the true coolness of these falcon babies. they are suspended from bent wood bases and are SUPER comfy. i'm wait for the sale price to drop further...

also in this "antique" shop was ikea, ikea, ikea. i wanted to leave post-its on some of the vendors spots with a little "shame shame" note. one vendor had the nerve to write on his sign, "vintage ikea." como? i should have taken a photo of THAT!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

it's entertaining season

photo: fendi, spring 2011

and i plan on doing just that. every hostess needs a killer outfit to make the statement that this is her house and as the guest, you're in for some fun. this one screams just that. yes, it might be a little light and airy for fall/winter....but damnet, it's 79* outside right now. i'm having trouble pretending it's mid-november.

Friday, November 12, 2010

fall breakfast

i take my mornings seriously.
good wheat toast
cream cheese
thinly sliced apple
pomegranate seeds

a little french press on the side and you're got something special.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

if your last name is stroup...

then you must like soup. well maybe this explains my obsession with it. it's been a long time since i've made french onion soup and today just seemed to be right. i read a couple recipes and created my own version. it turned out quite good if i do say so myself.

since i don't have the clay pots this soup is traditionally served in and i don't have a broiler in my gas oven, i decided to make baked cheese crostinis to use as floaters in the soup.

lola, my assistant

i threw a sprig of thyme in the onions which was a nice flavor kick.

trader joe's organic beef broth and some leftover wine from the wedding.

a leftover mountain of age pecorino from the wedding as well. this baby is going to be around for awhile.

no final product photos to show. so good we wolfed it down. believe me it looked and tasted good.

stroup's soup aka onion soup
2 lbs. thinly sliced white onions
3 T. olive oil
1 T. butter
1 t. sugar
1 sprig of thyme
1/2 c. red wine
2 boxes Trader Joes organic beef broth
salt and pepper to taste

cook onion in large pot on low (lid on) with olive oil and butter for 15 min.
add sprig of thyme and sugar. turn heat up to medium high. stir often for about 15 min.
add wine. cook for another 5. the wine will deglaze the bottom of the pot. make sure to scrape the bottom to get all of the tasty bits.
add beef broth and season with s&p. cook for another 15 min or until hot.

slice sourdough baguette on a diagonal. pile with grated pecorino or gruyere. cook in 360* oven for about 8 min or until the cheese is bubbly and bread is turning brown on top.

ladle soup in a bowl, top with 2 crostinis and add some more grated cheese. wa-la! dinner is served.
(this makes enough for 5 big bowls)

don't forget the wine!