Friday, July 31, 2009

these crack me up

i ♥ long beach

and then....

On Saturday, August 1, 2009, Long Beach Organic, Inc. in collaboration with private property owner and local business woman (SISco Business Services Inc.), Annette LaBarca, City of Long Beach’s Neighborhood Leadership Program team – Waves4Change; Wrigley Association and the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency invite you to break ground for Wrigley’s first community garden.

The highly anticipated Wrigley Village Community Garden will be located at 2044 Pacific Avenue in the heart of the Pacific Corridor. This grass roots celebration will complement the City of Long Beach’s own extensive redevelopment efforts to improve Pacific Avenue through the Wrigley Village Streetscape Project.

The Wrigley Village Community Garden celebration kicks off at 10:00 am and will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11:30am. Many local dignitaries and city management will be present as keynote speakers. Festivities will include opportunity drawings, music, kid’s activities such as “stepping stone painting” and a ‘how to’ seed starting demonstration. Renee’s Garden Seeds and Botanical Interests will provide complimentary seeds for the kids.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

madre's bathroom

these are all paper cut-outs. the solid paper background is either black or white with a stencil like paper cut out and placed on top. they are really cool.

when you close to the door to go to the bathroom, you get a surprise of the bow-tied half mani behind the door.

i had to snap some photos while i was in fresno, my mom's guest bathroom to be precise. nothing else like it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


join the newsletter people. get the hook-up on some deals for you acai lovers out there.
and for a good laugh:
the newsletter from August '06 i was featured in. what a chump.
praise jesus i'm not driving 100+ miles a day anymore. the clean air act thanks me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

congratulations Nosh!

i've been doing my best to spread the word about one of my favorite cafes in the South Bay, San Pedro to be exact! Nosh Cafe is a hidden gem that has lovely food, great ambiance and a staff that makes me smile. owner, susan mckenna, used to be co-owner of The Corner Store in san pedro. this was my first "taste" of a neighborhood market with speciality items from Australia (susan's country of origin) as well as experience her delightful style.

when she opened nosh, i was beyond happy to see her face again as well as buy my favorite drink i had been missing so much- iced soy vanilla latte (they use coffee ice cubes sans dilution!) brilliant. some other favorites @nosh are their curried chicken salad sandwich on freshly baked baguette, puy lentils with walnut dressing, veggie curry pie-think breakfast or lunch, roasted tomato and goat cheese quiche as well as their ever changing menu of fresh, seasonal food such as their outstanding soup of the day. (chilled fennel soup, butternut squash soup, vegan black bean chili w/ chipotle, minty chilled pea soup, strawberries and watermelon gazpacho...YUM)

today as i opened my latest copy of Los Angeles magazine, who was highlighted in the special about san pedro?! Nosh! but of course. so cheers to you for once again receiving a great review. so well deserved.

my favorite breakfast @noshcafepedro <--they're on twitter with their daily specials!

mas yoga

i'm sore from yesterday, but i'm going back for more this evening @ 6:30pm. same location. and like i said before, quite a deal. maybe by next month i'll be posing like g-ma.

another round @ the pike...

elvis and i are back @ the Pike in long beach and will be spinning vinyl next wednesday. come down, have a drink or ten and show me your dance moves.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mid-day yoga


E Appian Way
Long Beach, CA 9080

Tue Jul 21- 11:00am
Price $5.00 per person

Join us for Vinyasa style yoga at Mother's Beach.

This will be a beginner/intermediate class and will last approximately 1 hr 30 min.

Bring your yoga mat and wear layered clothing that you can move in! Also, don't forget your sunscreen!

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOW MEETING ON THE SIDE OF THE PARK FURTHEST FROM SECOND STREET. The area we usually meet at is getting really crowded with beach goers so we are just moving to the other end of the park!

Classes are provided on a donation basis. $5 is the suggested donation, and is greatly appreciated, but certainly not required to participate, all are welcome!

(i've been wanting to try her classes for awhile now and FINALLY have the time to go. i'll give my thoughts once i'm done. i found this via

Friday, July 17, 2009

i want a dog





i've wanted a dog for a long time but haven't been stable enough to get one. i'm feeling pretty grounded lately and work from home so what better time than now....or soon. i can't help but scan the animal control sites around here and get so sad when i see all the shelter pets. there are amazing four legged lovies out there that need a home. the personal success stories i know are numerous and should encourage all to adopt vs. buying "brand new". for every breed, there is a rescue group in your state. if you MUST have a pure-bred, this is the way to go. i'm personally a fan of the ol' mutt. so's some cuties i found today. i'll keep you posted on my homefront.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


signed lithograph "circles" from '77

two of these!

2 rad danish modern chairs, 1 danish table and 1 new piece of art! wa-la.

as i ventured towards home today after a dr.'s appointment, the traffic along the beach was insane. enough was enough so i made a quick left to get off of Ocean. well what appeared before my eyes?! a yardsale....and on a Thursday....and at 3:45! odd but true. i spied some treasures and pulled my silver jellybean over (aka Rav4). some really cool older hippie cats were running the show and hooked me up with a deal. look @ my score!.....and all for $100.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

does a body good

ahh summer has finally hit southern california. don't get me wrong, the unseasonably cool temps have been nothing to complain about but i've missed the warm nights. eating outdoors on our balcony, taking an even ride through the neighborhood or a walk down to 2nd street to pick up some tasty gelato and an espresso nightcap. all i need now is for my tomatoes to take note of the heat and start pumping out some fruit.

Friday, July 10, 2009

when i have kids....

i'm going to make sure they get their very own laser photos. these are the kind of school pics i'm down to put up on my walls. kinda jealous actually....
thank you We Have Lasers!!!!

lo maximo!

re-thinking trash

this is brilliant and i want one!
1 dumpster
paint it fire engine red
line it
fill it with H20

Monday, July 6, 2009

this is how I do independence day

Fortune Penis Jr.

a friend of mine just lead me to this anagram generator sight. it's a good laugh to say the least. try your name.

a few favs from my name are:
Spinneret ufo jr
Inferno setup jr
Juniper nest fro
and of course the great:
Fortune Penis Jr.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


i think i might have to try re-creating this one some day.
reiko kaneko designed and made this hot little number.

Home Terrarium

i actually made two of these yesterday via some inspiration by favorite Swiss-miss, Nikki!!!!!


i know we're at the cusp of summer and all i can think about is tomatoes, berries, corn and other warm weather delights, but i ran across this beautiful picture of a persimmon tree today. absolutely lovely. this fall fruit makes such a color statement in a yard and i think i'll have to add it to my current list of trees i want in my garden one day:
  • Lemon (of course! i'm one of the biggest lemon freaks on the planet)
  • Guava (strawberry-guava is a fav)
  • Hass Avocado
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Peach
  • Persimmon
  • Black Mission Fig (i've got to represent my Fresno roots)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

korean taco truck!!!!

Kogi BBQ has finally decided to venture to LB tonight to serve up their fusion taco truck treats. i am beyond excited to try this mobile feast and have been patiently waiting to sample their delights. a hard days work=a spicy day's dinner all while sitting on a curb in a parking lot. summer love!

Queen Mary

FREE parking for KoGi customers at Queen Mary + $3 draft beer coupon. Mmmm, coupons...!