Sunday, August 29, 2010

weekend food porn

mini tomatoes with marinated mozzarella and basil

hummus with french green beans and mini peppers

fresh mozzarella with artichoke hearts and lemon zest

fresno figs and boursin

watermelon, feta, basil and kalamata skewers

sauteed levantine aubergines

compost cookies

pecan lemon cookies

heart butter cookies

toffee bars

creme de menthe brownies

my mom's best friends threw the bf (well i guess the FIANCE) and i an engagement party yesterday. it was beyond amazing on all levels. the details put martha to shame. all of the guests, including myself could not get over how beautiful and delicious everything was. my love of cooking and design is mainly due to these four women. i've known them my entire life, i've cooked with them my entire life and i continue to learn from them every day.

i am blessed

when you can't find a headboard you like.....

or you find a headboard you like and can't it. since the bf is worried about heavy objects over our heads while we sleep (earthquakes) this non-threatening view of the world will do for now. i really like it. i'd like to find a cool frame to really take it home...but that might put it into the heavy objects over our head category. shit.

Friday, August 20, 2010

lola: the cartoon character, shark, lovesauce greyhound

she gets pissed when i shoot her from this angle. she thinks it makes her ass look big. silly girl.

this is lola doing her great white impersonation. she hopes to make it to sea world one day.



never loose your drink again

i found these yesterday at my favorite thrift. once again the gods have landed something good in my lap. the days of wondering who's drink is who.... are over!

etsy dreams

vintage salvatore ferragamo tie.....flashy, i know. but it's got palm trees and elephants!

large vintage solid brass sailboat

pair of high wing chairs

gazelle cup by haus proud

blanc de chine ginger jar lamp set

pair of grass gazelle bookends

mid century aqua and cream vinyl tufted chairs

vintage pair of shell chairs

14K gold stag head necklace

Hazel Atlas Turquoise Ovide Dish Set

and because it's friday....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're going to the future people! Are you coming?!

i never had the pleasure of meeting dave freeman, but he was a dear friend to my dear friend laura. she would often tell me of his house in venice which was an escape from the city (LA) and the oc (her house). it was a place to dream, talk and laugh. dave and laura worked together in new york years ago- pre-9/11. after this horrific event, both decided they needed a change. dave moved back to southern california to be closer to his family and laura moved to san francisco to start a new job with another pr firm.

while one friend was in the north and the other in the south, they stayed close friends and confidants in the real and pr world. laura ended up taking a job at sambazon, where i met her, which is based in san clemente. finally the two were in the same vicinity again.

moving to a new region can be difficult sometimes. getting the lay of the land and understanding it's residents can take a bit coming from a different part of the country....or even a different part of the state! dave was good at "breaking down" southern california to laura. he showed her the gritty side of venice drum circles. he explained the rare animal, oc housewives, and told her about the selection of mates she might encounter, the oc male. he had a way of making everything fun.

dave wrote a book, 100 things to do before you die, which shared his zest for life and getting out there and living like it's your last day on earth. 2 years ago today, dave had a freak accident at his house-he fell in his bathroom, hit his head and passed away. he was 47 years old. dave had a famous quote he'd say to his friends, "we're going to the future people! are you coming?!" he would also give his friends 10,000 heaven bank notes for good luck. laura gave me the one pictured after dave passed away. i carry it in my wallet. to me, it's a reminder to live a full life. tell those you love that you love them. breath in the fresh air and feel sun on your face. take that trip you've been thinking about and start that business you have in your head. live for today but plan for the future. thank you dave for reminding me.....

(a friend, dave and laura @ a venice drum circle)
a note dave left laura 12/00:
"Laura! Get Fast! Keep Moving. Don't Waste A Precious Moment. Dave."

Saturday, August 7, 2010

frezno famous

growing up in fresno gave me a hearty start to life full of weird experiences, fun and well weird experiences. i'm continually amazed how often i hear about fresno on tv and people that have come out of there. 90% of them are people and stories you WISH you didn't hear about and 10% have been WOW....they're from no town?

well i went to high school with k-fed. my memory of him was your typical wigger. BIG baggy jeans, big white t-shirt and navy baseball hat....looking like it just came off the shelf...propped on the top of his head, slightly facing right. he was one of those guys who "danced" all the time @ lunch. he dated a girl i was kind of friends with so i knew him a bit. i believe he dropped out/got kicked out around our sophomore year. poof, k-fed was gone.

the next time i saw him was randomly @ an albertsons on the cover of US weekly. "britney spears has a new man". oh snap! that guy looks familiar. name: kevin federline. wtf?! i had to laugh. birtney, with all of her millions ended up with a fresno tweaker. (yep, word on the street back then was he had methbreath.)

well here's looking at you k-fed! your high school ex just posted this photo of you on her facebook (strange) and i had to laugh to myself. oh how far you've come.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


my sister makes amazing cheeses on her vineyard in los gatos as well as teaches classes about wine/cheese pairing. i know what someone is getting for christmas..........

Sunday, August 1, 2010

because sunday's are for dancing

and going to the beach.....
packing the cooler, making some sandwiches and chilling the tecate. hope you're doing something fun today too!