Monday, March 31, 2008

busy week ahead>>>>>>>

wouldn't miss this one even if a dog chewed my leg off.

Grand Vision Foundation Mural

1st Thursday:
Mural party behind 6th St. in San Pedro (Warner Grand Block)
good times.
Aaron White and friends have just completed the mural.
Elvis and I will be dj'ing.
come party with us and check it out.

crucial nite

dj'in there again. gonna be a good week

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

::::black ark::::

feelin it


but THIS is where i really want to be...

“The 4 Women of Prefab” panel followed by MEET & GREET with book signing - Saturday March 15, 1:15PM

Our main Saturday panel discussion features the 4 leading women of the modern prefab movement: Michelle Kaufmann, Jennifer Siegal, Rocio Romero and the person who literally wrote the book on "PREFAB", Allison Arieff, the former editor-in-chief of DWELL magazine. - Not to be missed!

weekend ahead

i will be working the show friday---->sunday. if you're there, stop by the sambazon booth and try our new acai energy drink...with vodka of course!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

something about this reminds me of fresno and i like it.

wheelchairs @ walmart

so sambazon is now in walfart. part of my mission here is to check 'em out. rad. today i hit 15 and was shocked and horrified at how LARGE america is. i never knew skin could stretch like that or just certain body parts could be 10x their size. on some it was the jumbo arms. others had the rolling valley legs with bubbles of fat popping out in random spots. and the F.U.P'S!!! oh the F.U.P'S. fat-upper _____ insert male or female genitalia. and the ever popular elastic waistband, polyester bottoms with festive floral tops to cover it all. did i mention the perms?! and this was the under 30 crowd. damn.

luckily for these guys, there were electric carts and WHEELCHAIRS!?!?!!? offered at the front door of each and every store. i'm talking about a dozen or so. i've been doing the master cleanse while i've been here...aka liquid cleanse. this sight has been a highly motivating factor every day.

here's some new pics of my travels. videos come next.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

AZ observations

1.) no helmet laws
2.) low-riders are here and alive
3.) 55 mph freeways. i'm screwed.
4.) $2.79/gallon. yet again california pays more for something
5.) rad sunsets
6.) Phoenix Ranch Market III es numero uno in my book. bacon wrapped dogs served in the deli
and horchata from heaven.

no taller than a grasshopper's knee

welp, yes welp, i'm just landed in lovely Phoenix for a week for work. my first conversation with a native was at my hotel. while i was checking in i found out that my "homestay specialist" has a calcium deficiency and drinks a gallon of milk a day. he's been doing this since he was "no taller than a grasshopper's knee." hummm.. is that Arizona slang? gonna have to use that one while i'm out here.

while driving from the 2x4 hotel "lobby" to my room, i passed two fine looking gentleman. one looked like Mr. Clean with tats while the other looked like he was a Hells Angle/meth cooker. maybe we'll all be friends by friday. i thought to myself, "my room DOES have a kitchen with a working stove. maybe this is a cookers hotel if you know what i mean."

research ahead.

below: view from my room of the trailer park next door to my yotel.