Tuesday, April 26, 2011

asparagus quinoa with preserved lemons

saute 1lb of asparagus in pan with olive oil or oil from preserved lemons.  cook until asparagus turns bright green and starts to get some pan coloring, about 5 min on medium

in a saucepot, saute 1/2 chopped red onion and 1T. olive oil until onions turn translucent.

add 1 cup quinoa to pan with onions (i used regular and red since that's what i had in my cupboard.) cook over medium heat for another 3 min, stirring often.  add 2c. water and cook quinoa as directed on the box.

i love trader joe's organic quinoa for it's price and the fact it's ORGANIC.  i've also used this in place of barley when making tabouli.  i used a wonderful preserved lemon from Tabitha's Appropriate  which you can order online or purchase in various CA locations.  SUPER flavorful. 

when the asparagus is done, take out of the pan and cut into bite sized pieces.  make a preserved lemon dressing for the quinoa.  preserved lemons tend to be VERY salty since this is part of the preservation, so make sure to rinse them before you use.  mix 2-3T. chopped preserved lemons (really to your taste) with 2T. olive oil, 1/2t. cumin and fresh ground pepper.  

let quinoa and onions cool to room temperature then mix in asparagus and lemon dressing.  adjust with more preserved lemon if necessary (and if you need salt, don't rinse the lemon this time.) top with shaved parm and wa-la! spring in a bowl. 

my architect: a son's journey

louis kahn
salk institute, la jolla, california

esherick house, chestnut hill, pennsylvania 

i just watched an interesting documentary on architect lou kahn. a giant in twentieth century design, with a personal life that not many were privy to.  he left behind 3 children with three different mothers, only one being acknowledged publicly at the time of his death.  this movie chronicles his son's journey to discover who his father was, both his passions and his personality as well as his "extended family" via lou.  makes you wonder how much you really know your own family.  so many people of an older generation keep their past hidden.  it's a trip. if you have netflix, you can catch it on your instant queue.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

road trip!

my great grandparents road tripping in joshua tree
tomorrow we head east into the desert.  neither of us have been to joshua tree yet, and this is the perfect time of the year to catch wild flowers and wonderful weather.  we'll be staying at hicksville, which i can't wait to check out.  it's going to be a much needed and fun trip with my love.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


today i paid a visit to dave hester's thrift store in costa mesa.  i wasn't planning on going, but since i was in the neighborhood working.... well i had to stop in.  i'll give it to the guy, he's got some good stuff...but the prices are way higher than i'd ever pay.  all of his items for sale come from storage units he buys, just like on the show.   i was tempted to yell YEEEEP every time i saw something i liked.  
some sweet ass greeted me at the front door
4 beautiful cane and chrome chairs in perfect condition but @ $400, you've got to be kidding me Dave.

nice lucite, brass and glass console table but i'd be dead meat if i bought one more table or chair home.
YEP! i did buy something. i couldn't pass these nightstands up.  crazy Dave originally had them priced at $499.  he be trippin.  i snagged them for $99.  they are gorgeous in person, SUPER well made and that brassy goodness on the bottom screamed my name.

detail of the woven fabric like material around these super heavy wood nightstands.  they are a bit too wide for our bedroom so the guest room will be home.  photos to come....

Friday, April 8, 2011

rise n' shine

fried egg
ciabatta roll
sharp cheddar
morningstar fake bacon (i love the real deal...don't get me wrong...but this stuff is great too)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

chair whoreder

i can't stop.  it's sick.  i don't NEED more chairs...but i just can't let a good deal pass me by!  i need a garage.  i need a warehouse.  i need a job shopping for other people.  regardless, my chair obsession goes on and craigslist provides:
today's $40 score.  gold, velvety goodness in PERFECT condition!

i had my madre pick this one for me via fresno craigslist.  not too many folks looking for plycraft there but they sure are in LA so this baby will be for sale soon. 

since my other friends were taking up too much space in the living room, my beautiful falcon chair is now visiting us in the boudoir. 

and this of course isn't a chair, but it's my latest project via some great inspiration from chezerbey's bathroom.  we've been saving toilet paper rolls so i can make this.  it's got a way to go but i LOVE it. more to come on this one in the future...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

vinyl explosion

this friday @ the pike bar/restaurant, i'll be dj'ing with mao won and barbarella.  come on down, have a drink or two...listen to some wax and shake that rump! party starts @ 9.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

when life gives you bananas....

you make banana cream "pie".  we had some beautifully ripe bananas about to take a leap to the dark side so after reading this recipe, i knew i had to give it a whirl.  i left out the excessive cream cheese and whip topping (that fake business is not allowed in my house) and condensed milk and the result was fantastic.  i think it would have been too rich and sweet with those babies in the mix.  big hit over here and quite cool looking if i do say so myself.  pepperidge farms chessmen cookies often made an appearance in our house growing up.  the buttery flavor is divine and beats the hell out of the vanilla wafer version.

meanwhile my sister is probably gagging as she reads this.  bananas and cotton balls give her the willies.  guess what she's getting for christmas?!