Tuesday, August 14, 2007


DJ Don Cesar spinning his eclectic mix of funk, soul, punk and all together out there rarity's only Cesar can dig out of the vault.
-music starts around 10.
-cheap drinks
-cheap women
-skate videos playing 24/7
-AND my favorite platinum blond bartender

Red Room
1229 E 4th St
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 432-4241

down the street at the new bar Cheapshots, DJ Dirtyneedle and possibly DJ Elvis will be spinnin some tunez. I haven't checked this place out yet, but it looks good on the space...
located @:941 E. 4th Street
LBC, Ca. 90802


Cosmos FC said...

You need to post this stuff quicker girl. I checked your wonderful blog yesterday early evening and didn't even see this yet. Keep it up, keep it real, keep keeping.
Chris :)

Exclusive said...

cosmos..... if you want to read my blog, you need to check it MULTIPLE times through out the day. i add shit ALL the time.

and it's Jenuwine

Cosmos said...

Sorry "Jenuwine", post earlier and I will add some flare to my blog. Get busy!