Thursday, October 11, 2007


IRS bullshavic is squared away. No more garnishing. Morrissey was.....Morrissey. Glad I saw him, would I go again?? Naw dawg. Crowd watching was fun. In the meantime, I broke my ringfinger toe while doing yardwork yesterday. I stupidly tried moving a table holding about 10 potted plants. It collapsed on me and crashed on my foot. I'm lucky and surprised that only one toe broke. I'm on the hunt for crutches. Lil' piggy HURTS to walk on. Mellow weekend ahead.

SUNDAY: Baby Gangsta will be making her first racing appearance in Huntington Beach @ Oktoberfest. Gonna b a good one!!
p.s. she's in the background of this pic resting for the big day. we had a trial run in the Shores 1/2 hr. before. those lil legs sure can haul ass!!

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