Monday, February 7, 2011

v day

"i love you" in chinese: gift from my mom for chinese new year

leather fortune cookie. DIY fortune ready....
yes, the hallmark holiday is around the corner and yes, it is 90% consumer driven, but it's also a nice reason to give those you love a reminder.  (we can never give enough of these.)

since we are on "budget 2011" over here, we've decided to make a meal together at home.  and honestly, i know it's going to be cheaper, tastier, FUN and a more memorable time than any restaurant could provide us.  we both love to cook and have decided to make something decedent and possibly a bit more time consuming than our typical meal.  the recipe hunt has begun.  i think a coctel de fresas con pisco might have to be in order, representing the peruvian half of the family.

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