Saturday, October 3, 2009

green machine

as i sit at home today cursing the bad food i must of ate yesterday (food poisoning hell today) i think of my rooftop dream. when the bf and i first moved into our spanish duplex, we realized our balcony could be a gateway to the roof. i asked the bf if he could build me a ladder to the top so i could sunbath in privacy as well as enjoy the ocean view/sunrise/sunset. he was all for it. (5 mo. later i'm still waiting).

but then i had another thought today. a green roof! why not take advantage of the 1500 sq. ft. of flat roof above our heads?!

such a perfect space! the huge insulation benefits as well as an additional gardening area are nothing to be denied. but i rent. the start up can be a bit spendy for the materials without a little help. the bf and i are on a big savings spree right now so this green machine is still a dream. but you can guarantee i'll be on the hunt for a house to own where i can build by own garden in the sky. i can't wait!

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