Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the legend of Fräulein

(BC on the left, Fräulein to the right and Mexico in the middle)

i used to live in eugene, or. about 9 years ago. going to school there you'd think most of my friends would be from the green state but don't fret my pet, they weren't. i made life long compadres mainly from the east coast and my home state of CA. my time living in "the bubble" as it's referred to by many, was beyond lovely.

2 years before i moved, i lived in a custom, redwood 3 story custom house with 4 other ladies. to say we had it good was an understatement. our place was RAD and our neighborhood was tops in the city...literally. we had a city view from the 3rd story bedroom suite.

across the street lived a giant. well maybe not a giant, but another californian who happened to be 6'6". big tall blond guy from Laguna who was a vision of So. Cal. but Oregon at heart. big chris. BC as he's fondly known became a dear friend to me and has remained so to this day. he is my only college friend living in my same state and to make things even better, driving distance from where i currently live.

now it's well known on the circuit that i'm of german decent (half) and i take pride in this. i can not pin point the exact day or time of the rise of Fräulein, but BC started calling me this. it stuck. it grew. it's transformed into Fräu and Fräutata but remains strongly rooted in the original.

more recently, i've met another Fräu who is now another dear friend to me. Fräu has recently moved back to NY, so she's spreading her German goodness in the northeast...as well as our signature drink, The Winter Fräulein (recipe to come).

so cheers to good friends, cheers to silly nicknames that last a lifetime and prost to an exiting winter on it's way.

(Dj Don Cesar and Fräutata Halloween '08)

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