Thursday, April 15, 2010

meet my new friend

with the recent earthquakes both near and far, plus 2012 around the corner (i kid)....the bf and i decided to get our "kit" goin again. we've got a couple 5 gallons of h20 stored away as well as some sardines and smoked herring in the cupboard on reserve. oh and some lentils too. but other than that, we're SCREWED. (and honestly i think we're going to be hungry!)

so what caught my eye the other day but this little macgyver radio that does everything but rock you to sleep.
-plays am/fm
-mp3 player w/ usb port to charge electronics...gotta have my cameo while i live in rubble
-led flashlight and flashing red emergency beacon...or rave light
-receives weather channel broadcasting and alerts- hopefully by Dallas Raines
-hand crank provides back-up power
-solar powered
-alarm clock

all this for $49.95 which is a pretty good deal if you shop around. and who would have came from crate and barrel. one stop shop for earthquake readiness. don't forget the midnight bar mixes!



Anonymous said...

Lentils? How are you going to cook them? Canned tuna or salmon is a better source of available protein-esp.if packed in oil.

UNI said...

it's called propane anonymous. camping stove. plus i was joking throughout this entire post. food included. thanks though for your deep thoughts.