Friday, April 30, 2010

pound puppies

i'm a sucker for a big nose

since i was in LA today, i ventured up to the pasadena humane society to check out a few pups i've been keeping my eye on. great facility as far as pounds go. just as sad to see all of these lovelies behind bars but at least they were outside in clean cages and getting some sun!

i've got my name on the wait list for the two tan guys in the second picture as well as the cute girl at the end with jumbo ears. so many adorable dogs waiting to find homes. rescuing is where it's at! now i need my damn landlord to call this place back to ok an adoption. fingers crossed....

*damn....heard back from the landlord. he gave the pound the thumbs up. heard back from the pound...all three were adopted today. good for them, the hunt continues for me.*
**update #2: we got a dog! picture number two...the shorter of the two. better pics to come once he makes it home- either monday or tuesday. now for a name...**

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