Thursday, December 16, 2010

my christmas wish

my dad and i, chirstmas morning 1980

my dad has had a long road of "recovery" since his stroke 10 years ago.  for all of the strides he's made, he's had his fair share of setbacks.  many of these setbacks have been his own doing; the reasoning part of his brain was severely injured during the stroke.  his judgement and decision making skills are lacking which can lead to problems galore.  he's also had some plain horrible luck thrown in to this nasty mix.

two months ago he was hit by a car while crossing the street on his scooter.  the woman driving wasn't paying attention and plowed into him.  i have no idea how he walked away from this one, but he did.  his scooter was busted but he left the scene without a scratch, just his shaken nerves.

last sunday, he was on his scooter, cruising to get some food when he drove straight into an open hole in the ground.  a 6 foot hole.  he went head first, landing on a bunch of pipes below with his 100+lb. scooter landing on top of him.  this was a hole made by the city to fix some gas lines.  the workers left the hole open while they lunched at the taco cart.   once again, i'm amazed he didn't crack his head open...or much worse.  he is quite injured and hasn't slept much since this event.  he's suffering from horrible nightmares along with some severe pain throughout his body.

on one hand, i guess he has some of the best luck around.  he's survived two serious accidents in less than 3 months but also, i wish someone would cut this guy some slack.  enough is enough.  i hope 2011 brings him an accident free year.


Bill said...

Bill Birmingham likes this

Laura said...

Am standing by your wish too for your Dad.

Love you, LL

Nikki F said...

Oh Bob. Yikes. Sorry Jen to hear about your dad's accident. I also wish him a healthy 2011.