Tuesday, April 5, 2011

when life gives you bananas....

you make banana cream "pie".  we had some beautifully ripe bananas about to take a leap to the dark side so after reading this recipe, i knew i had to give it a whirl.  i left out the excessive cream cheese and whip topping (that fake business is not allowed in my house) and condensed milk and the result was fantastic.  i think it would have been too rich and sweet with those babies in the mix.  big hit over here and quite cool looking if i do say so myself.  pepperidge farms chessmen cookies often made an appearance in our house growing up.  the buttery flavor is divine and beats the hell out of the vanilla wafer version.

meanwhile my sister is probably gagging as she reads this.  bananas and cotton balls give her the willies.  guess what she's getting for christmas?!

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