Tuesday, April 12, 2011


today i paid a visit to dave hester's thrift store in costa mesa.  i wasn't planning on going, but since i was in the neighborhood working.... well i had to stop in.  i'll give it to the guy, he's got some good stuff...but the prices are way higher than i'd ever pay.  all of his items for sale come from storage units he buys, just like on the show.   i was tempted to yell YEEEEP every time i saw something i liked.  
some sweet ass greeted me at the front door
4 beautiful cane and chrome chairs in perfect condition but @ $400, you've got to be kidding me Dave.

nice lucite, brass and glass console table but i'd be dead meat if i bought one more table or chair home.
YEP! i did buy something. i couldn't pass these nightstands up.  crazy Dave originally had them priced at $499.  he be trippin.  i snagged them for $99.  they are gorgeous in person, SUPER well made and that brassy goodness on the bottom screamed my name.

detail of the woven fabric like material around these super heavy wood nightstands.  they are a bit too wide for our bedroom so the guest room will be home.  photos to come....

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