Sunday, June 28, 2009

FREE $$$$$ downtown lb today!!

well $ Mark that is, keyboard player extraordinaire. he'll be playing along with Animal Liberation Orchestra, The Boogaloo Assassins, the New Fidelity and between-set selects from Dj Dennis Owens of the Good Foot.

this all happens from 4pm-10pm and @ the intersection of Pine and Broadway. And did i mention it's FREEEEEEEEEEEE? well it is. thank you The District for providing this fine information.

i forgot to mention that this is the first event put on by the Summer Music Series and the Soul Motion Scooter Fest. can't wait for more!


ian japanther said...

$Mark is amazing! saw him in San Pedro with Mike Watt and they had pumpkins on their heads.

UNI said...

oh yeah....i was there too. good shiz.