Thursday, March 4, 2010

nifty thrifty

these two babies caught my eye. they're signed and numbered by ??? and will be for sale on my etsy site soon.

bought this lp for the ring of fire song. turned out to be a pretty good version...

creepy bunch

it's my friend philly mike's birthday today and to celebrate, he's having a big lebowski bowl-a-thon tonight. thought the two above lp's would be something to keep him on the straight and narrow this last year of his 20's.

oh the sweet sweet tiger jungle scene. it even has a plug in the back and i'm assuming lights up to highlight the mastery of it all. over the bed perhaps to get the blood flowing? i kid.......

i passed up on this heavy duty metal/wood ottoman today and hope i don't regret it. it sits on a swivel base and has a very cool modern look. the cushion needs to be reupholstered which isn't cheap. i think if someone was willing to put in the effort, the return could be huge. $19.99 was too much for me today. sigh.....

off to my white russian....


the sponsor of the night

dj don cesar wishing it was his birthday

birthday boy and his new disguise

50/50 bars

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