Sunday, November 28, 2010

extending the holidays

it seems like time goes so fast lately. i feel like years roll into the next before i have a chance to enjoy the last. i decided to put up christmas decorations this year the day after thanksgiving. i've never been on it like this but i have to say i'm glad i did it. spending time in our living room is a true joy.

i've been a fraser fir advocate my entire life but after my mom kicked down this vintage white tree, i couldn't pass it up. a live garland is still going to be key to get that heavenly pine sent in the casa. between the white tree and the mirrored table...we're starting to look like a 70's coke den. i like. now i need to replace the jute rug with some furry number and we'll be ret to go!

when you don't have a real fireplace...well you make one. why long beach is notorious for these fake babies, i don't know, but i'm making the most out of mine.

two peas in a pod...that's us, and our first ornament as a mr. and mrs.

disco anyone?

the mirror is making plans with the tree


Laura said...

Great pics Frau, and made me want to watch miracle on 34th street (or Christmas Vacation!)! You have a gift...

Btw, one of our clients is EnviroScent - they have something called "ScentSicles"you can hang on tree or keep in the casa for that holiday smell. They're online or at Bed Bath & Beyond,the Walmart etc. and a lot of people with faux trees, white or otherwise!, use them.


¡Fräulein! said...

maaaan! i can't find them anywhere. checked both locations online and nothing popped up. went to bb&b and they don't have them. guy looked online. nada. i bought some lame candle instead and it doesn't smell like diddly squat. humph.

laura said...

I will send some to you!!


ps Elves are bringing them to Rockefeller Tree lighting tonight! xx

¡Fräulein! said...

i LOVE elves!